• Affected with a wasting disease, especially pulmonary tuberculosis.
    "From birth he was sickly and consumptive."
  • Of or relating to the using up of resources.
    "Tourism represents an insidious form of consumptive activity."

Consumptive Press:

The small-scale self-publishing endeavor of cartoonist Jamie Tanner, Eisner Award-nominated author of The Aviary, The Black Well, and other strange comics.

The Fine Print:

All comics will primarily be offered digitally for absurdly low prices, with the option to pay more if you would like to, for whatever odd reason. New publications will launch with a small crowdfunded print run. If you want to hold paper copies in your hands, that's generally the way to get them. There will occasionally be copies available at convention appearances, and longer books may be available via Print On Demand methods.